San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Y + X

December 30, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Y + X

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I am excited to announce that starting in 2023, I will solely be shooting courthouse weddings and elopements (as far as the wedding category goes). I feel so passionately and strongly about courthouse weddings that I want to give that photo experience to civil wedding couples. Courthouse weddings bring more ease and relief to couples. The stress of planning a big wedding gets reduced significantly! This doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate with your friends and family! Or have a fun reception afterwards. You certainly can! In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Y + X celebrated their ceremony with close friends and family!

I had so much fun with Y + X! Y started with her wedding dress and would put on the blazer when she felt cold. I had recommended she bring an extra pair of shoes if her wedding shoes were not comfortable. We started the session and shot the ceremony in what you could say was a traditional look. But as we were shooting the couple portraits, and she was putting on the blazer and boots I asked her if she wanted to keep that look. It looked so Parisian chic rock n roll bride. She was into it too! I was so excited that she preferred it cause it shows how you can really make your courthouse wedding day about what you and your partner. You don’t have to feel obligated to follow traditional norms..

Just to give you an idea of lighting. This ceremony was at 10:30am. The light can be harsh which is why I always suggest either the first appointment available or one 2 hours before sunset time. You can always check what the sunset will be on GOOGLE. Even though this ceremony was outside the “ideal time”, you can see how incredible your photos can still turn out! The San Diego location for the marriage license has great tree coverage and other sides of the building that create shade. You just need to know your venue. I always suggest scouting so you can familiarize yourself with your surroundings. The more you know, the stronger you are as a photographer.


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