San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Rhiannon + Brian

April 12, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Rhiannon + Brian

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I am always excited to capture the effortless love of couples! The simplicity of a San Diego civil wedding, at the San Diego marriage hut, relieves the couples of a lot of stress! Of course you still get those excited nerves! You don’t have to worry about a bunch of guests though. In addition to, adhering to a strict timeline. In this San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Rhiannon + Brian were able to enjoy the moment of becoming an official married couple surrounded by their closest friends and family!

You have a lot of freedom and ease at your San Diego courthouse wedding. There are a few things that you cannot customize and some that you can make your own. Vows. If you are looking to say your own vows, you will have to wait until after the official ceremony (or you can say them before). During your ceremony, the officiant will dictate your vows. The ceremony is fairly quick. Should you want to say your own, you can stick around after and say them under the arbor or move to another location to share exchange your vows.

First look! You can certainly have a first look. Let your photographer know so that you can schedule it accordingly. I usually allot 5-10 minutes before check in time. The closer to your check in location (either the marriage hut or upstairs inside the building, the better). Location varies depending on sun exposure and time of day. I would suggest walking the grounds with your photographer within 2 weeks of your wedding date to see what will work for you at the time of your ceremony.

Adding some adventure! You don’t have to stick around the courthouse for your formal couple portraits. There are so many locations and backdrops in San Diego to choose from. You can either change location immediately or add time to your session to add another spot! Here is where you have the freedom to dictate your timeline! Take advantage of it and get the photos you have always dreamed of.



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