San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Gabrielle + Raul

October 17, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Gabrielle + Raul

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love the ease and simplicity of a San Diego civil ceremony. You can see it in the couples too! They are so full of joy and excitement and very little nerves or stress. Sometime the big full wedding is just too much pressure on the couple to provide an elaborate day. A courthouse wedding, whether it’s at the Santee courthouse wedding location or San Marcos courthouse wedding location relieves them of that pressure. All three locations provide beautiful backdrops and still invites friends and family in to enjoy the celebration! In this San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Gabrielle + Raul flew in from Texas to enjoy the beauty of San Diego with their friends and family!

Currently, the San Diego courthouse or County Administrator building as it is correctly referred to is under some remodel. There are parts of the building that are closed off or covered. Don’t fret, there is still plenty around the Waterfront Park to offer for epic backdrops on your special day! Even when there is a concert of event going on on the weekend. They event production teams do start setting up a few days before, they really shut down parts of it. There are still spots around and across the street that can be used for a backdrop.

With that being said, if you are seeking particular spots around the courthouse that will be closed down during an event or concert at Waterfront park, then I would suggest checking the weekend dates near your goal wedding date to make sure there won’t be anything going on before or after. Sometimes having your wedding a couple days after a concert, you could experience some torn up grass or it may look damaged. Keep in mind, you can only book within 45 days in advance.



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