Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | S + G

March 14, 2023

Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | S + G

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love all the different locations where you can have your San Diego civil wedding ceremony at. Each location has its own aesthetic and feel. You can check out all the different locations here. Some are easier than others to get appointments at, so if you are set on a date, I would check the other locations as back up. Fridays of course are the most popular dates. People can start the weekends celebrating their wedding! The earlier in the week, the quieter it usually is outdoors. In these Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | S + G came all the way from Canada to tie the knot! It was their own destination courthouse wedding!

You can enjoy your courthouse wedding with a small group of friends and/or family or you can spend the day with each other only! You do need a witness to sign your San Diego marriage license, but don’t worry, your photographer can sign as your witness. So if you want your day to be entirely about the two of you, DO IT! This is a day to reflect on your relationship together and what the two of you want together. No need to appease anyone else but yourselves and each other! That is the major perk of a San Diego civil courthouse wedding!

You can dress up or dress down your San Diego courthouse wedding. You can get detailed and have your wedding date and initial sewn into your wedding clothes. You can go simple with making a bouquet using flowers from Trader Joe’s. Everything is up to you. What’s great about civil weddings is that the focus says on the two of you. This helps alleviate any wedding nerves you might get with having to host a big guest list. You can certainly still have a small dinner reception later, on your own timeline.



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