San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Fall

October 12, 2022

San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Fall

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love getting to capture all the different brand personalities! Whether it’s women’s and maternity wear for PinkBlush, or kids clothing for Wild Wawa, they each teach me how to clearly photograph their own brand identity. Being a San Diego fashion photographer, you need to know how to sell the clothes through photos. You work with the owner or creative director to see their moodboard and get a feel for the shoot. In these San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Fall was the mood. As it is San Diego, the leaves hadn’t turned yet, but we were able to choose a location where we could get as much fall vibe as we could for the end of summer.

When shooting seasonal clothing, you usually shoot it in the opposite season! This means summer clothes in the wintertime and winter clothes in the summer time. This can vary depending on the brand and how far in advance they shoot their marketing material for their socials, lookbooks and website. It is definitely something to consider when preparing for your fashion photoshoot.

One tip while shooting cold weather clothes in warm weather, is to start with the heaviest clothes first. Fashion photoshoots usually start in the early morning, thus the weather can still be cool. Going through the heaviest clothes is more bearable in the cooler morning than warmer afternoon! When it’s warm weather clothes, in cold weather, have something warm for the models to wear while changing looks or locations. It is important to keep your model’s body temperature healthy. In cold weather, have hand warmers, warm blankets and jackets, insulated boots! You can tell immediately when someone is cold by their face, especially their lips.

This drop added a jacket for all the moms and aunties out there! Modeled by Verina, who has her own gold jewelry collection line Raising Sol. I definitely want to get one in white! Such the perfect thrown on jacket that goes with everything!


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