San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa AW21 D3

December 12, 2022

San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa AW21 D3

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, it’s always a great experience to shoot for a brand. You learn how to understand a brand and learn how to communicate it’s brand message through photos. Before any lifestyle clothing photoshoot, you want to make sure you discuss with your client the objective of the shoot as well as the mood. A moodboard is a great way to understand the specific feel of this particular shoot. There is an overall identity of a brand, but a lifestyle shoot can have its own sub story too. In these San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa AW21 D3 wanted people to feel the freedom of fall!

It can be a little challenging to convey fall and fall foliage in San Diego. We don’t exactly scream maple leaves and apple cider like the east coast or the Rockies. Nevertheless, with some good location scooting you can always come across a cross section of the city that can give that impression. In photography, you just need a a small space when shooting with a tight lens. Wild Wawa also does a great job of adding small props to add to the scene. Whether its flowers or pine cones, adds a little flare.

When shooting a lifestyle shoot, I have found that 4 hours is a great amount of time. Anything more than 4 hours can get exhausting. When photographing adults, 4 hours together is great. When photographing kids, there is no way they will last 4 hours calmly. We schedule the kids for 30min to an hour tops. Their call times are staggered so that we avoid overlapping. This way we don’t get any bottlenecks and have kids waiting around and getting bored. At most, book 2 to 3 kids at a time slot.


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