San Diego Backyard Wedding | Verina + Derek

January 6, 2022

San Diego Backyard Wedding | Verina + Derek

As a San Diego wedding photographer, it’s a special bonus when you get to photograph one of your good friends wedding! Many people this past year decided to do more intimate micro weddings or elopements. Some at venues and others in their own home! In this San Diego Backyard Wedding | Verina + Derek, put together the cutest wedding at Derek’s childhood home! It was super special and hit their nostalgia hard! The ceremony and reception all took place at his home and we snuck away down the street to a park take some of their formal couple portraits.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! I have seen a lot of bubble wedding entrances and exits! They are soooo fun!! If you are planning on having a bubble greeting, make sure you have enough bubble machines to create a good amount. It makes for a better photo. When photographing bubbles, make sure to fire a lot in a row as the bubbles quickly move and you want to make sure you capture the faces clear of the bubble.

Keeping it in the family, Verina had our friend Daniela do the catering. Her catering company, Mara Bleu did a delicious job! She had an array of appetizers, including some Peruvian ones. There was a yummy dessert table with small Peruvian treats and a wedding cake. It was cool to work with friends! Very family feel.

Everything turned out beautiful and was effortless! The decorations, the flowers, the food, the drinks. Everyone had a great time! The great thing about these San Diego micro weddings / DIY backyard weddings is that you really get to spend time with your guests! Many times in huge weddings you can barely get a hello out with many of your guests. It was nice to be able to take your time with everyone.



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