Peru In Home Family Photos | Francesca + Javier

January 16, 2020

Peru In Home Family photos | Francesca + Javier

I went to Peru at the end of the year to visit my dad. I had little time in the city of Lima, but I wanted to maximize my time there. I definitely wanted to visit my friend who had recently had a baby and we wanted to set up a quick family shoot in her home. We were originally going to go to a nearby pack but as she was getting the baby dressed I told her that I had an inkling that we should just shoot it right where we were on the staircase. The natural light that was coming in was just TOO GOOD!!!

Her baby is just 3 months old when these were taken. Babies change so fast that photos taken at 1 month are totally different than 3 months and 6 months. So you can never go wrong with different baby photoshoots. The benefit of shooting in home is that we were able to keep the temperature warm so the baby was always comfortable.

I helped my friend pick her outfit and we wanted to keep it muted and neutral We immediately realized as we were shooting that she matched her surroundings. Even the baby’s gingham onesie from ZARA went with the color palette as well! It was a present from her mother in law.

Another thing my friend wanted to do was photograph her son in an outfit that she wore when she was a baby!! Her mom had kept it after all these years!! It was the sky blue onesie, a little itchy, but very cute and amazing to get to photography him in this onesie just like his mommy!

I played around with our surroundings and tried to get a little artsy with the staircase. I did a few shots though the staircase railing. Always fun to try something new 😉

People ask when is a good time to get baby photos done, and I say whenever is a good time. Don’t worry if your house is a mess, we just need one or 2 good spaces and we can still make magic! They grow up fast so don’t take too much time 😉



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