Elfin Forest Family Photos | Juliana + CJ

November 9, 2018

Elfin Forest Family Photos | Juliana + CJ

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is over and family photo sessions are in season! It’s a great time of the year to take family photos. The leaves are changing colors and the light is golden. Today’s San Diego FAMILY photos: Elfin Forest. Bring out the plaid! I hadn’t been to Elfin Forest in about 3 years! Glad I reconnected with this place!

With family photos, comes families with young kids. A prerequisite to being a professional photographer, is to know how to make kids laugh! I have found that promises of candy and toys seems to be the winning techniques. Last resort, jump up and down and move your hair around. Always dress comfortable 😉

I have also learned that when shooting young kids or babies, morning shoots seems to work better with their sleep schedules and thus you get HAPPY babies! Everyone always defaults to wanting to have their photo sessions in the afternoon to get the magic hour. I am a huge fan of magic hour, however, that morning glow light is equally as beautiful.

Elfin Forest is a great place to distract toddlers. They can play in the creek, watch the leaves fall from the trees and they will definitely enjoy seeing the hikers who bring their dogs! This little one got so excited when one of the walkers had their little beagle. It worked out great for shooting photos, you couldn’t wipe that smile off her face. She was beaming with excitement!

Some of the trees had beautiful bright and vibrant yellow leaves! It felt like we were on the east coast. I can’t wait for the month of November to continue for more leaves to continue to change colors.



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