La Jolla Cove High School Senior Portrait Photos| EW

May 20, 2022

La Jolla Cove High School Senior Portrait Photos| EW

As a San Diego senior portrait photographer, it’s fun to see the excitement on the graduates faces as they turn a new chapter in life! Whether they are graduating high school or college, they have worked hard and are eager for what is next. Senior portraits or grad portraits are a great way to memorialize this moment in his or her life! A way to freeze time as who they were in that moment. What their style was. In this La Jolla Cove High School Senior Portrait Photos| EW, she chose two outfits.

Spring is a great time to have your senior portraits taken, as flowers are in full bloom! It adds so much color and texture to your portraits! Of course it varies as to your location and where you are shooting, but for the most part they are prevalent. I love it when the florals are bundled together, because it makes it look like you are in a huge garden of them even if it’s just one think lane of them. It’s all about how you compose the photo.

Remember that when capturing senior portraits, this might be your client’s first time ever in front of a camera. Be gentle and patient with guiding your client. I always like to start the session with some quick tips and examples of posing. It helps to let them know and show them what I mean when I say certain things. I find that informing them at the beginning, as well as throughout the session, puts them at ease. If your client is feeling comfortable then they will also feel confident and that will shine through in their photos!

A lot of these students play sports or do some kind of physical activity like dance. Ask them, this will help them with their movements and posing in the session. It will help them connect faster.



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