Pacific Coast Grill Cardiff Beach Wedding | Amanda + Jeremy

January 23, 2020

Pacific Coast Grill Cardiff Beach Wedding | Amanda + Jeremy

Apart from the beautiful moody sunset during Amanda + Jeremy’s San Diego beach wedding, I fell in love with the mosaic wall at Pacific Coast Grill restaurant in Cardiff, San Diego! The blue hues of the tile totally lit up Amanda’s eyes! I couldn’t stop shooting her bridal portraits inside there, which was also the gifting room. I shot the groom portraits outside on the rocks.

Now that you have picked up your jaw from the floor, due to the beauty of this mosaic tile wall, we can continue to the ceremony photos. The day was overcast, but the sunshine tried it’s best to burst on through the clouds. It created a very romantic haze that we were all excited about!

This San Diego beach wedding was put together by Dream Beach Wedding. They organize tons of beach weddings all along the San Diego coastline. So if you have one beach in particular, I am sure they have done it! After the ceremony I shot the family portraits.

After the family portraits, which if you are wondering who that includes, it’s usually immediate family. Grandparents, parents, kids and siblings. Of course if you have special immediate family members you can include them as you wish. I always recommend putting together a family combination shot list before the wedding to expedite this portion of the shoot. Wrangling a lot of family members can get hectic, so this helps speed it up, especially when we are racing with the sunset time.

Following the ceremony the couple had their reception at Pacific Coast Grill. Such an easy way to have your beach wedding and then have the reception follow literally steps away. Amazingly delicious food, they had filet mignon with mashed potatoes with green asparagus. The views were beautiful, all the guests enjoyed watching the sunset as we wrapped up the couples portraits. They enjoyed their dinner, toasts, cake cutting and dancing!


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