La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal | Jacob + Stefanie

September 24, 2022

La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal | Jacob + Stefanie

As a San Diego engagement photographer, it’s fun to be a part of the proposal process! Sometimes couples reach out to you for an engagement session. Other times, you get one of the partners reaching out to you to to capture the proposal! They can be locals or from out of town, either way as a La Jolla engagement photographer, we are an important resource. In these La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal | Jacob + Stefanie had a sweet proposal along the beautiful coastline!

When assisting in the planning of a surprise proposal, always ask and listen to what the client describes they imagine the event to look like. You want your suggestions to align as much as possible as their vision. Then make sure to add your experience to it. Let them know the minute details that go into it. For example, suggest that they make or pretend to make some kind of restaurant reservation so that they can tell their partner. This gives their partner the excuse to dress up and look their best.

Another tip, and this goes for both people, are your hands and elbows. Make sure they are moisturized and nails are manicured. Your photographer will most likely be shooting close-ups of your hands so you want to avoid dry skin and be prepared. SUNGLASSES! Usually proposals happen around sunset. I know sunglasses are very fashionable, but in this situation make sure to leave them in the car or have them off. You don’t want to risk the photographer not being able to see the reaction to the proposal!

Lastly, develop a plan with your photographer so he or she knows when you are about to propose. I like to suggest the selfie to photo protocol. Of course, you can come up with a one that better suits you. It’s important for everything to see smooth and natural!



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