Montage Palmetto Bluff Wedding Photos | Shayne + Jason

October 4, 2022

Montage Palmetto Bluff Wedding Photos | Shayne + Jason

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I naturally shoot lots of weddings in San Diego. That doesn’t mean I won’t travel for your wedding! Being a destination wedding photographer can be challenging. I wouldn’t doit consistently. There is lots of travel and packing; making sure your gear arrives all intact and on time! With the challenges though, come new experiences and backdrops to photograph in! Therefore, it’s definitely something to consider to do a few in a year. In these Montage Palmetto Bluff Wedding Photos | Shayne + Jason welcomes me to the south! It was my first time in South Carolina and boy was it beautiful!

The Montage at Palmetto Buff is exactly what I pictured a southern wedding to be like. A beautiful chapel, stunning trees and warm sunlight! The weather did dip low on the wedding day, but nothing like some hand warmers to do the trick! The great thing about this South Carolina wedding venue is that everything is just a golf cart away! Depending on which reception location you opt for, you might need to shuttle people just a short car ride to the other side of the grounds.

The staff at Palmetto Bluff were super kind and helpful. I went a day before on site to scout the venue to make sure I knew how the day would unfold for the wedding day. Whenever you are photographing at a new location you always want to scout it ahead of time. You don’t want to be looking for photo spot during the session, especially on wedding day. You don’t have the luxury of extra time on wedding day! There is a strict timeline you must do you best to adhere to. The more you can plan and prep, the better!

I would assume the best time to get married here is in the spring and fall. I would definitely check the weather calendar to see what the usual temperatures are during those seasons. Always anticipate that the weather can change, so make sure there are back up plans in place for tenting if needed.


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