Milagro Winery Engagement Session | Emily + Dan

August 4, 2020

Milagro Winery Engagement Session | Emily + Dan

As a San Diego photographer, I am a huge fan of wineries!! San Diego has soooo many wineries to visit. When my clients Emily + Dan told me they wanted their San Diego engagement photo session at a winery, I immediately suggested Milagro Winery. I had been wanting to do a Milagro Winery Engagement session | Emily + Dan. So I was thrilled when they agreed!

We literally could have spent a week shooting at Milagro Winery. It’s not only HUGE, but there are such diverse backdrops and all different type of plants you can find. There was even cactus! Emily is originally from Arizona so it was a great detail to have. My favorite, besides the actual grape vines is of course the WILLOW TREE!!!! For me , they are so sad looking but so beautifully sad looking. I just love them and will always shoot with them in the frame whenever possible. They are the types of tress that you can interact with and be hugged by them.

We definitely spent some time here on a late afternoon/evening weekday. It had been cloudy by the coast but there was no missing a beat with the sun out here in Ramona. I calculated it so we could have the sun shining through the willow trees and then grand finale at the open space at the end of the winery upon a rock with the grape vines and view of the mountain tops.

With the session they chose, they were able to have multiple outfit changes. I think it’s super fun to have outfit changes as it breaks up the session and makes you feel like starting over again with every outfit change. Plus, why not have a bunch of cute photos in different outfits. I always encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. I am a huge fan of long dresses because as you will always notice I almost always have a twirling photo in the session and long dresses always do the trick!

Milagro Winery is truly a beautiful location and venue! They also do weddings here!! Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a winery wedding in the San Diego area!



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