Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles Maternity Photos | Ximena + Matt

August 20, 2018

Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles Maternity Photos | Ximena + Matt

Living in Southern California you get so many opportunities to photograph clients in interesting locations. Today I will be sharing maternity photos: Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles, CA. Lights, camera, action! This place was used for movies!! So LA of us 🙂

MATERNITY photos: Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles, CA

This was their first pregnancy! So it was important for them to document it. I thank them for the location suggestion! We tried to use as much nature around us as possible and get that golden glow light!

Sometimes people get the jitters and that’s ok. It can be scary to be in front of the camera. So I always try to just converse and put them at ease so they feel like we are just hanging out and I just happen to push a button from time to time. That’s when you get their real personalities and those natural laughs and smiles 😉 This is my chance at open mic night 😉

So Paramount Ranch has as I mentioned lots of nature. People come to do hikes and I think you can horseback as well! I remember seeing a stable in front of the parking area. There are a lot of meadows and hills so it makes you feel like you are in Montana and not Malibu! Just make sure you get the timing on lighting correct, because the sun will hide behind the hills earlier than said sunset time 😉

Have I mentioned I love trees? Love them! Love using light through them! Since she was pregnant I didn’t have her sit on them, although if I remember correctly I think we might have tried. But as always, SAFETY FIRST!

Once they were all warmed up in front of the camera they shared with me how excited they are about having their first child together! A baby boy! So the hubs was very excited to have his mini me!

MATERNITY photos: Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles, CA


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