Malibu Creek Canyon Family Photos | Ximena + Matt

January 17, 2020

Malibu Creek Canyon Family Photos | Ximena + Matt

Being a Los Angeles family photographer you get to explore new areas the great city of angels has to offer! For these family portraits, I got to explore Malibu Creek Canyon! What a beautiful place! So much greenery all around, even in the late fall, early winter time. Also for you fellow campers, it’s also a campsite! The place is huge and I definitely recommend scouting the area first as the sun ducks behind the mountains so the sunset time is earlier than when it says it will be. So definitely think of the locations you want to shoot at.

The two toddler boys had a great time exploring! There were trees to climb on, sticks to play with and leaves to throw! Your kids and even yourselves will be entertained! The views of the mountains were spectacular!! Very majestic and you really just enjoy the simple things that nature has to offer you!

Everywhere you turn there is a beautiful spot to shoot here. As I mentioned this is a campground, so there are different campsites. As we were limited on time, we stuck to one campsite. I would definitely love to do a morning shoot and evening shoot here! There is a lot of ground to cover!!

The boys looks so cute in their matching outfits. I loved how much movement Ximena’s outfit had so of course I was going to make her to a few twirls for me! You are always safe when choosing neutral colors. With a green, lush backdrop like this one, I would even make some bold moves and wear red or burgundy. It’s a nice deep contrast that will really make you pop! There is something about red and green and red and pink that just go so well together!



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