Luce Loft Downtown San Diego Wedding Photos | Claudia + Adam

January 10, 2022

Luce Loft Downtown San Diego Wedding Photos | Claudia + Adam

As a San Diego Wedding Photographer, I love shooting at a new venue! It’s exciting and new, you get to feel extra creative because it’s a space you haven’t looked at before. I had heard lots of great things about Luce Loft, and this San Diego micro wedding confirmed it! In this Luce Loft Downtown San Diego Wedding Photos | Claudia + Adam packed a lot in to their three hour San Diego elopement session!

The beauty of Luce Loft, is that it is intimate and you get to use the surrounding Downtown San Diego as your photo playground! As this was my first time shooting here, I scouted locations for the couple. First and foremost, their first look location and then other areas for their formal portraits and family portraits. Luce Loft’s windows face north, so you have to work with the light bouncing off the surrounding walls. This is why I informed the bride that the earlier we can start the better. I like to use as much natural light as possible.

I had all the formal couple portraits and family portraits outside. Since they did a first look, I was able to get all this before the sun went down. Daylight savings had occurred so we lost an hour of light. All good, I had my 2 LED lights set up for the ceremony already. I am used to daylight ceremonies, but this was very moody and romantic.

The wedding flowers were gorgeous and contributed to the moody wedding vibes. Her flowers were provided by Wildflower Design Studio. They made for a beautiful ceremony arbor and sweetheart table backdrop. I loved how they had a flower man toss the petals at the start of the ceremony! Claudia’s hair and makeup was done by the talented Julee Vidrio. Super natural and lasted the entire time!

Everyone needs a pair of white boots! Claudia’s white wedding boots are show stoppers! They are from Schutz. A cape is another must have! Hers is from PrimAndPrarie from Etsy. Lastly, her classic wedding dress is from Madeline’s Bridal Boutique. Love this entire look!



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