La Jolla Cove Family Photos |Tiwana

February 15, 2021

La Jolla Cove Family Photos | Tiwana

As a San Diego family photographer, we get clients that come from out of town. San Diego is such a beautiful city that it is no surprise that many families come to visit. As a San Diego photographer, I like to listen to the vision that my clients have for their photoshoot and make sure I suggest to them the most accurate location. In these La Jolla Cove family photos | Tiwana, it offered the combination of cliffs, tide pools and green backdrops. They didn’t want to repeat Mission Beach as they had in the past.

We have been getting some beautiful sunset lately in San Diego! Shooting during magic hour is so rewarding when the weather cooperates! We are so fortunate to live in San Diego where the majority of the time it feels like summer! Kids love coming to play at the beach because who doesn’t love splashing in the waves! Just make sure they do it towards the end of the session!

Another bonus to shooting during magic hour at the beach is when it’s also low tide!! I would highly suggest keeping tabs on the tide chart in San Diego because it certainly pays off in your photos! Plus, when shooting family portraits with young kids, they will be so entertained!! It certainly facilitates those candid shots!

I would suggest familiarizing yourself with 5 beaches that spread out along the coast. Ones that are more tucked away, others that are stretched out. This way, when clients ask you for suggestions, you can offer a variety. Your clients will love the fact that you are so knowledgable in your locations. Clients aren’t just paying for their photos, they are paying for your full service and experience.

Another way to enhance their experience is during the pre production, before the shoot. I always like to offer my feedback on wardrobe should they want it. This helps them feel like they chose the right outfits and you can make sure the aesthetic of the photo is in order. You wouldn’t want one person wear a geometric pattern and the other wearing flowers with polka dots. You want the outfits to be in harmony.



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