Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve Family Photos | Marina + Ernie

December 24, 2020

Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve Family Photos | Marina + Ernie

As a San Diego photographer, the city is literally our oyster. There are so many locations to shoot at with such diverse backdrops. You can do from the beach to the desert, from the forest to the city! In Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve Family Photos | Marina + Ernie, they got the moody backdrop they were looking for.

Earlier in the year we did their family photos at Scripps Beach. It was Penelope’s first family shoot! She hit it out of the park that day on the beach so I knew she would slay again this time around. Marina and Ernie wanted a moody shoot for their fall family portraits! I mentioned this location to them and they were sold!

I was excited to see the outfits they had planned for this moody shoot! The veil hair piece that Marina wore was a key detail. She looked stunning in that black dress! Ernie didn’t miss a beat with those white gloves! And of course Penelope was as cute as a button!

It was overcast that day, as it unfortunately was the shoot before. This time it worked in our favor though, to create the moody effect. On the shoot before we had to reschedule because we really wanted sun, but we kept having overcast afternoons.

I love when clients get creative and are mindful when it comes to their shoots. Then it becomes a production and it tells more of a story. I know Penelope will love these photos when she is older and think back and say, my parens are super cool!

So far I have been to this location in the summer and fall. I am very pumped to see what it looks like in the spring time! I feel like it will be covered in beautiful bright flowers! Either yellow or purple! I hope we get some rain this spring (not on shoot days of course) so it can bloom fully!



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