Little Point | La Jolla Beach Couple Photos | Taylor + Jordan

July 13, 2021

Little Point | La Jolla Beach Couple Photos | Taylor + Jordan

June gloom is a real thing! As a San Diego portrait photographer though, I don’t let that get in the way of having a successful photo session! It’s something we always have to deal with around this time of the year. It is all about pushing your gear to your advantage! In this Little Point | La Jolla Beach Couple Photos | Taylor + Jordan took my breath away!! The tide was somewhat low, which makes it perfect for all the exposed rocks and reefs at little point!

Not only is it important to check sunrise and sunset times when booking your sessions. When you have beach photo sessions, it’s always a good idea to check the tide calendar! It changes everyday! This totally affects what you are exposed to or not when shooting. Be mindful to let your clients know. They may be expecting a certain scenery but the tide may not allow for it. You want to make sure your clients are well informed of the weather and tide and how that may affect the shoot and the editing.

I have found there are different shades of gloom! When it is heavy and a dark gray gloom, I contact my clients to see if they can start the session earlier (if it’s a sunset session). This is something that is discussed from the beginning. If it’s super bad I am always open to changing the session date, contingent on availability. The gloom can sometimes be a light one too. In that case, it does not matter too much to start earlier or not. This is something you will develop an eye for. The important thing is to always find their light and have them aim to the light.



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