Little Italy Men’s Lifestyle Photoshoot | Kairos Apothecary

June 23, 2020

Little Italy Men’s Lifestyle Photoshoot | Kairos Apothecary

San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood is such an amazing place to do outdoor lifestyle photography! The different type of buildings, textures and colors give you so many options for cool backdrops for your photoshoot! I shot this San Diego men’s lifestyle shoot in San Diego’s Downtown and Little Italy neighborhood for Kairos Apothecary. They are launching new t-shirts and we did a fun morning shoot to shine light on them!

As a natural light photographer, one always has to be aware of sunlight. The days had been pretty bright, so I suggested we either do a super early morning lifestyle photoshoot or an evening photoshoot. Client opted for early morning. As we are showcasing the t-shirts, it was THAT important to get that magic hour light, although it definitely creates a mood. I still strived to create moody images per the clients request.

To prepare for a fashion lifestyle photoshoot, it’s important to know how many looks you are shooting and who the client is targeting. If possible, I always like to see the looks ahead of time, this way I can already group together the location and outfit. Of course location can be flexible, but it helps to have it planned ahead of time. I always encourage to location scout the area where you are going to shoot so there are no surprises like construction or something of the sort that might limit your area.

This spot is in Downtown San Diego and I remember clearly the day I stumbled upon it. As a San Diego photographer, it’s important to be on foot most days so you can scout. Just driving by in your car doesn’t help as there are certain nooks that are out of your reach. This is one of my favorite spots! Love the bronze, copper wall!

With backgrounds like these you can get away with not having props. Props are very helpful though. It creates context and eases the subject as they have something to distract themselves with. I had him bring a hat, which worked out as he sells them at his store.

I don’t often shoot men’s lifestyle, but I would like to shoot more. It’s a completely different way of posing and gestures, so it’s a fun challenge. It is still very important to connect with your subject and make them feel at ease and comfortable. You have to take them outside their head into the camera lens!

Lofty Coffee in their Little Italy location had some great backgrounds! We wanted neural, cement, plant vibes and they definitely delivered! Great patio space too!

The following photos remind me of a photoshoot I did in Downtown Los Angeles. The texture and the mood.



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