LIFESTYLE photos: Chollas, Joshua Tree

November 17, 2018

LIFESTYLE photos: Chollas, Joshua Tree

Did I go to outer space? It sure felt like it at the CHOLLAS in Joshua Tree! It was our first stop on our road trip through Joshua Tree! I had remembered it since the first time I had gone for my birthday a few years back. I had always wanted to go back and do fashion lifestyle photos: Chollas, Joshua Tree.

As you can see from the photos, there was not a cloud in the sky! So it was extremely hot! Do take lots of water with you when going. This was shot back in September. Verina was brave to wear a fur coat in the middle of this heat, but she powers through in the name of THE SHOT!

I usually have Verina wear a more moody lip color, but this time I brought a more pop bright color. I thought with the bright blue background, the white coat and the light colored chollas that it would stand out nicely! I think she looks amazing in this color! Thank goodness the lipstick didn’t completely melt in my bag!

Those Chollas sure do look pretty huh. Well while I was shooting, I was so focused on the shot that I totally walked into one and got a cholla stuck to my elbow!! Verina was quick to pull it out and I immediately told her to stop because then she would get hurt! I got so scared that they were poisonous or that it would act like a sea urchin and the more you pull the harder they grasp on. Lesson learned, always carry tweezers! Between all of us we got it out and back in the chollas we went to complete the shoot! One of my favorites!



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