LIFESTYLE photos: Shock The Monster, LA Arts District

September 11, 2019

LIFESTYLE photos: Shock The Monster, LA Arts District

It’s great to have creative friends that you can take for the afternoon on a photo adventure. For these lifestyle photos: Shock the Monster, LA Arts District, my friend Tony let me execute my photo ideas with him! He is a talented artist and you should definitely check out his portfolio if you would like to have one of his art pieces in your home or he can also custom make one too!

Of course we all love walls! When we found this emerald brick colored wall we knew we had to shoot here. It was super bright when we were doing our reconnaissance so we waited a few hours and shot around nearby. Tony usually wears all black, but I was able to convince him to wear a white muscle T, hidden of course under his Levi’s jean jacket.

Health disclosure: I do not promote smoking, it is bad for your health and those around you. However, it does make for good photos and that was the sole purpose. A prop. Also photographed here are jewelry accessories from Jungle Tribe. The other cool accessory from Jungle Tribe is harness where the red leather bound lighter is chained too. That’s pretty sic. Make sure to check out their site for more accessories you didn’t know you needed!

This series was the last in our session and we were racing against the sunlight. I liked the moodier look though so it worked well with the vibe. I didn’t have to use my flash. I am trusting my Canon 5D Mark III more and more with ISO and low light photography. I used a stool to be taller than Tony but I didn’t use flash. I definitely want to play more with double exposure. You can have multiple photos in one. It’s so fun and creative to play around with. Just need to have the poses set in your mind so you can visualize the composition. “Smoke Show”



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