LIFESTYLE photos: Shock The Monster, Arts District LA

September 8, 2019

LIFESTYLE photos: Shock The Monster, Arts District LA

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have had a lot of ground to cover. I have a goal to scout different neighborhoods in Los Angeles to get to know my surroundings as a Los Angeles lifestyle photographer. I asked an artist friend of mine, Tony “Shock the Monster” to accompany me on one of my reconnaissance outings to LA’s Arts District. I am happy to share our adventure in today’s lifestyle photos: Shock The Monster, Arts District LA.

Tony is a talented artist and mostly uses charcoal for his artwork. You can view his portfolio here and add one to your home! We thought it would be fun to incorporate his life into these lifestyle photos. So we brought his easel and charcoal and as I started shooting he started drawing. In a matter of seconds he was off to a creative visual journey!

I like how there are two tones brick setups going on. The typical red brick wall and on the ground the gray and white brick pattern. As Tony was wearing all black, his usual, it was a nice contrast. He is wearing my Brixton hat.

The sun was finally going down so I could play with the sun flares a bit. I wanted to light up the turquoise ring and bracelet from Jungle Tribe with the light. You should check them out if you need to add some unique jewelry and accessories to your wardrobe.

The great thing about shooting in the Arts District is that there aren’t that many people so we have the streets pretty much to ourselves. There are some new hotels and restaurants popping up that are cool to go visit and explore. I highly recommend taking the drive out there to see for yourself. Especially Firehouse hotel.



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