LIFESTYLE photos: Revenge Bakery Work Out & Laundry

January 12, 2019

LIFESTYLE photos: Revenge Bakery Work Out & Laundry

Happy New Year! It’s the first full new year week and I’m sure everyone is excited to follow through on their New Year’s goals! Maybe? If one of your goals is to work out more or be better at keeping up with your laundry take a look through and see how San Diego Food Blogger Revenge Bakery handles both in style. For these lifestyle photos: Revenge Bakery Work Out & Laundry.

You will feel fierce at the gym with these leopard Onzie leggings for Revolve! You might even run as fast as one! Whatever you can muster up in the gym, at least you know you will be looking great! Do not feel intimidated by the machines! The machines will be intimidated by you!

Looking for the right type of running shoes? Erin is wearing Under Armour sneakers. Some might be scared of the color white, but I feel like it goes with everything! Or at least you can tell if you hav been working out a lot or not 😉

Next item for workouts, a backpack! Erin is wearing a MZ Wallace black backpack! Perfect for on the go and spacious to fit all your gym needs! Looking for that cool water bottle? Erin has the latest from BKR. All of these tools will make going to the gym a lot of fun! Then after head on over to do your laundry!

I know doing laundry can be daunting butttt why not try to have a little fun with it! After all, you need fresh clothes!

The good news is that most likely your local laundry mat will have a vending machine and at least you can treat yourself to a little snack or drink while you wait. Or just hang in the cart 😉

LIFESTYLE photos: Revenge Bakery Work Out & Laundry


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