LIFESTYLE photos: High School Senior Portraits

August 11, 2018

LIFESTYLE photos: High School Senior Portraits

I know it feels like summer will never end, especially with this heat, but the kiddos will be back in school in no time! For High School Seniors, they have lifestyle photos: High School Senior Portraits on their mind! Now a days seniors can be creative and think of a theme or a explore a vision that they have for their high school senior portraits. This makes my job a lot more fun!

For this senior portrait photoshoot we were in La Jolla in a place where I like to call “La Jolla Woods”. It’s amazing because these trees are right off a busy street, but if you photograph it right, it looks like you are in some magical forest! The terrain changes throughout the year so always double check or scout it our before your shoot date. I always recommend at least 2 outfit changes for senior portraits. That way you can feel like you are in your very own fashion photo shoot 😉 After all these are more like fashion lifestyle shoots now more than your basic senior portraits. I always encourage the senior to share with me their vision. Here is there time to shine!

Now a days everything is customizable, so I think it’s so great that high school seniors can now curate their own senior page in the yearbook! They can express themselves creatively and leave their real mark behind! Plus it gives them great content for their instagram! Another fun idea would be for groups of friends to do their senior portraits together! That would be unforgettable experience! Just need to make sure everyone is on the same creative page. After some fun in the forest we headed  down to the beach to close out the lifestyle photos: high school senior portraits with the sunset.


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