LIFESTYLE photos: Revenge Bakery Dunkin Donuts

January 18, 2019

LIFESTYLE photos: Revenge Bakery Dunkin Donuts

This rainy weather has me craving hot chocolate and donuts! Which reminded me of this  Dunkin Donuts shoot I did with Revenge Bakery. Lifestyle photos: Revenge Bakery Dunkin Donuts. These fluffy little circles are so full of goodness! They really are fun to look at too. I see a lot of weddings do full donut walls, so donuts are definitely a DO. #dadjoke

My favorite are glazed. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But from time to time I’ll dabber in the old fashion or the vanilla cream one. Sprinkles always get stuck in my teeth. It was hard to concentrate on this shoot with so many donuts in my face. I wanted to eat them all at once. It took a lot of restraint and will power to wait till after the shoot to start devouring them!

Her outfit perfectly matched the donuts I thought. Especially the pink and white striped skirt with the pink glaze with sprinkles! I am also a fan of Krispy Kremes although they are so hard to get a hold of! I wish I could wake up as early as they open to get a fresh batch. They probably melt in your mouth!

Along the side of the Dunkin Donuts shop was a cool wall with a Dunkin Donuts coffee shaped mug! We waited for some of the shoppers to leave so we could get a clean shot of it! It was so fun to shoot! Maybe it was the sugar in me 😉 Erin also got their coffee which I aways remember having a really big following. What is it about Dunk Donuts coffee that gets people pumped!? I don’t drink coffee so I personally cannot vouch. I can only imagine the delightful taste of dunking your donuts into a dunking donuts coffee. 😉


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