LIFESTYLE photos: Amal Hagisufi

October 26, 2018

LIFESTYLE photos: Amal Hagisufi

Shooting San Diego fashion photography is one of my favorite types of photo shoots. I get to explore new parts of my city and shoot fashion photos which is always fun! On this shoot: Lifestyle photos: Amal Hagisufi. She is a San Diego Fashion Blogger, you can view her instagram here. We got 4 outfits shot in a little over an hour! What helped was keeping the locations in close proximity! Our first spot, El Dorado Cocktail Bar in San Diego’s East Village Downtown.

I used to go here all the time at night, super fun tunes! I always remembered it had a really cool black wall! So when Amal sent me photos of her outfits before the shoot, I knew a black wall would make this particular outfit pop. Especially with the red shoes! The whole shoot revolved around these red shoes! I loved Amal’s openness during the shoot and she had no problem trying things out! As you can see above we ha some fun putting the shoes in the air!

Her next look had a slight military theme, so I took her over to this corner in East Village that had a positive message written on the corner of the walls. Clean backdrop as well to help keep the focus on Amal and her red booties! We made it just in time, because I was scouting for another shoot a few days later in the same area and the text was gone!

Our next spot was caddy corner to this one. This is how we were able to do so many looks in such a short amount of time. An easy tip for all you fashion bloggers out there 😉 Some of you might recognize these brick walls. She now was wearing a uniform colored outfit and I thought the brick would help contrast the green jumpsuit and add an urban vibe as well.

For our last stop, Amal was wearing a more sporty looking outfit, so what better place than the San Diego Convention Center. Again, super clean background. Don’t worry I didn’t make sure run up all those steps! I did make her walk up a couple though 😉

Amal was super fun to shoot and I hope we get to work together again! Check out her website for more info on her.




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