LIFESTYLE photos: Free as a Feather, Channel Islands

September 30, 2019

LIFESTYLE photos: Free as a Feather, Channel Islands

Originally when I envisioned this fashion photoshoot or lifestyle shoot at the Anacapa Island, I pictured long prairie dresses, black lipstick, big hats, gray skies and green fields. I forgot that it’s late summer and I was going to get blue skies and brown fields!! On top of that, the . drops you off around 10:45AM and you have to return by 3:45PM. Not the best time to shoot, but we were certainly still able to make magic with these lifestyle photos: Free as a Feather, Channel Islands.

Hannah, my muse, found this prairie dress gem in her closet. When I told her about the vision I had for this shoot and mentioned how I wanted a high neck line long white prairie dress she said she had something perfect in her closet! She certainly did! This dress certainly had major character.

Even though we were shooting under harsh light, I always remember to have your subject look into the light as much as he or she can. Obviously the light will bother their eyes and make them squint, but we need to avoid shadows as much as possible! So by directing their face towards the sunlight you eliminate shadow. Having shade and tress obviously helps, but we were in the wide open fields at times.

It’s challenges like these that make you really think about what you are doing. I am always learning and wanting to learn how to be a better photographer! I feel like it’s a constant learning experience. Obviously the more you shoot the better but it’s also important to put yourself in non ideal situations to see how you can find a solution. It’s when you have to photograph in a difficult situation that you can really become creative.


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