Salton Sea Lifestyle Photos | Frank Vinyl

March 18, 2020

Salton Sea Lifestyle Photos | Frank Vinyl

One of the most impressive sunsets I have seen in awhile! The sun beautifully reflected off the Salton Sea!! Everyone there stood in awe as we watched the sun dip behind the mountains. Frank Vinyl and I came here after visiting East Jesus earlier in the day. It was only about 20 min away as we specifically went to Bombay Beach at Salton Sea. I had gone here about 2 years ago, at that time it was hot and sunny. This time, it was the day after a rainstorm so the sand was SUPER muddy and soft. Our feet would sink! So it took us awhile to get to the shore. Lots of laughter could be heard. LOL!

When I first saw this door in the summertime 2 years ago, it seemed further away from the water, so the tide must have been SUPER low and it didn’t have anything near it, from what I recall. It could be that the door moved? It was still fun to shoot at and see how Frank Vinyl interpreted it.

This was another dress that Franchie was going to wear on our trip to Cuba, that we decided to postpone due to the Coronavirus. We certainly can’t swim at the Salton Sea but I still think the outfit looks cool with this Salvador Dalí looking door at the epic sunset that was about to occur!

I went with a super moody and faded look with this shoot. Bombay Beach has a very deserted and abandoned feel. It used to be happen’ back in the day, so I think I wanted a more retro edit feel to these photos. A little doomsday-ish, current mood felt around the world, but let’s stay positive!

We were happy we got to get away for the day to visit the Salton Sea and East Jesus before we each self quarantined ourselves to help reduce the curve on this virus. Let’s all take these safety precautions so we can end this ASAP!


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