LIFESTYLE photos: Joshua Trees

November 22, 2018

LIFESTYLE photos: Joshua Trees

You may remember as a kid reading Dr. Seuss children’s books. Like many writers, they got their inspiration from real life. Cue Joshua Tree’s trees!  These trees can live for about 150 years! An inspiration for Dr. Seuss and an inspiration for me and my fashion photography. Today’s post: lifestyle photos: Joshua Trees.

We shot here right after shooting at the Chollas. So we had to act quickly to get the light. Since there are mountains in the background, the sunset is actually earlier as the sun hides behinds the mountains.

My fashion muse is wearing a folk maxi dress from H + M. I will admit, when she first showed it to me I didn’t think much of the dress. Once she put it on and we styled it with the hats and boots, she made the dress come to life! This is why the fashion world has models! You really need them for inspiration.

I had Verina wear that bright pink orange lipstick again because it just loved the way it popped on her! I always love her in moody colors, like the maybelline  matte color, but I thought this would be a great contrast to the blue dress. Thankfully she loved it too!

Dusk came upon us and we stopped shooting. I prefer not to shoot with flash, when shooting people. So from here I just did some landscape shots and enjoyed the post sunset pastel skies! Kicked in the moody vibe! It was like a beautiful Rothko painting. On the drive back we definitely found other locations to shoot at. We wrote them down so that next time we were a little more prepared. Joshua Tree is huge and so you can spend a lot of time scouting. Always worth the scenic drive!



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