LIFESTYLE photos: Cactus Garden, Balboa Park

August 24, 2018

LIFESTYLE photos: Cactus Garden, Balboa Park

It’s great when you can save yourself a two hour drive and create the same surroundings in your own town. That’s exactly what we did for these lifestyle photos: Cactus Garden, Balboa Park. The park itself isn’t huge per se, but it does lend itself to a few special sections. Cheers to that!

My fashion muse on this shoot is Erin from Revenge Bakery. She isn’t your typical San Diego fashion blogger, because she is actually a San Diego food blogger with a fashion flare 😉 She has tons of recipes to share with you. If you need some cooking inspiration make sure to check out her website. She also blogs about San Diego restaurants and eats! I have learned about so many new places because of her! It has made me more adventurous when it comes to trying new food!  It’s great to get food travel tips when she gets out of town, helps to save them on your instagram board for travel. Am I the only nerd with boards on my instagram?  You will never find her without a beverage and / or a food item! I love trying new things when I go to her house for in home shoots! She cooks right in front of me!

She also gives DIY artsy crafty ideas that you can do in your home and sometimes in just minutes! I can vouch for that as I have been with her photographing it as she does it. She makes it all look so easy! By the time I am done shooting she is all done!I love doing fashion shoots, so when she said she needed to do a fashion shoot for REVOLVE,  I was amped! This last photo might just be my favorite!

LIFESTYLE photos: Cactus Garden, Balboa Park

Location: Cactus Garden
Clothes: REVOLVE
Blogger: Revenge Bakery



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