East Jesus Lifestyle Photos | Frank Vinyl

March 17, 2020

East Jesus Lifestyle Photos | Frank Vinyl

Have you heard of East Jesus? I was reminded about this place about 2 years ago. I had already gone to Salvation Mountain like 5 years ago with Frank Vinyl and I think we tried to look for this place but it was getting late. 5 years later, we came back and we conquered! We were both going to Cuba together that week, but due to the COVID-19, we thought it might be better to postpone the trip. So instead we took a day photo road trip to Slab City to satisfy our creative juices.

Francesca brought some of the outfits we were going to use on the Cuba trip and they worked out pretty well. Obviously a more casual vibe, than tropical Caribbean vibe. From San Diego, it took us about 2 and some hours to get there. It’s a pretty easy drive, and google will take you there all the way without any issues!

We went during the week, hoping there wouldn’t be anyone, but during the 1.5/2 hours we were there about 15 people came through. The art installation space is free or charge but you have the option of making a donation, whether it’s cash or through PayPal. You would have never expected anything like this past Salvation Mountain. There are like 5 min from each other, or less. So definitely hit up both spots.

We were drawn to two main areas of the East Jesus art compound, the TVs and the tires. These were pretty big tires as you can tell, not too heavy but I definitely wouldn’t lean all my weight on them. As a lifestyle photographer, it’s fun to go to eccentric places like these and photography people in them.

I was feeling a retro vibe and that’s what I wanted to channel as I was editing these photos. It was fun to go on another photo road trip with influencer Frank Vinyl!


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