La Jolla Scripps Woods Family Photos | J + E

December 24, 2021

La Jolla Scripps Woods Family Photos | J + E

As a La Jolla Family Photographer, the fall months experience an increase in family sessions. Fortunately, with the amazing weather that we have in San Diego, we are able to photograph family photos pretty much anywhere we want! In this La Jolla Scripps Woods Family Photos | J + E opted for a wooded backdrop feel. I was excited for this shoot as I was going to meet their littlest one! I had shot their courthouse wedding the year before and now they were on to their next chapter in life together! They were joined by all their children in this session, such a beautiful family!

The color palette they chose for their wardrobe was perfect! This is a great example of how families should dress for their sessions. I always suggest picking three colors and using different shades of that color and wearing different outfits, but that the colors remain common. I always suggest only one person wear a print and if there are more people than 2. Basically, for every 4 people, one person can wear a print.

When shooting family portraits, remember to also break the groups up into smaller ones and also individual photos. For example, all the kids together, kids with one parent, just parents, etc. It doesn’t hurt to ask your clients for any specific groupings. If you are shooting a big extended family portrait session, then I would request a group list beforehand so that you don’t forget any groups during the session. This is very helpful. It’s like shooting a wedding, when you do the family portraits.

This session was shot in the morning. I love how the light comes through the trees and illuminates all the surrounding areas. As there was a baby in the photo session, I had suggested a morning session. Mom confirmed that would work well with her napping schedule. It proved right, she was great the entire session!



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