Old Poway Park Family Photos | Priscilla + Preston

January 18, 2020

Old Poway Park Family Photos | Priscilla + Preston

Old Poway park is a gem of a place in San Diego. It serves as a San Diego wedding venue and also one of the most amazing locations to have your family portraits taken! There is a beautiful park, trees everywhere, fun for the kids, and even a TRAIN track!! This is every kids dream! When shooting in the fall the leaves turn brilliant colors!

I would advise to calculate the sun going down earlier than the sunset time as the sun goes behind the threes. When the sun is going down the sun shines though the leaves so magically! The leaves had fallen from the threes so of course little Peyton had some fun throwing them up in the air!! Always a good thing to distract the young ones when shooting with fun activities!

The train track didn’t speed on by during the session, but I have seen it on before. Perhaps it’s a seasonal thing or only on the weekends. Apart from a train track, there are also wooden train cars. They serve as great backdrops for photos!

As a San Diego family photographer, I am always wanting to find new locations to scout for family portraits. I do always want to offer the option to go on an adventure location. So if you have been wanting to go to the snow or to the desert, then you can choose the adventure session.

We shot this around the holidays so Old Poway Park was extra festive. All around there were wreaths and Christmas trees. Christmas lights were decorated all over the staircase and fence. Peyton enjoyed exploring and playing with the festive decorations! It’s nice when you don’t need any props for the shoot and everything is there for you already.



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