La Jolla Windansea Beach Family Photos | Catherine + Danny

December 5, 2022

La Jolla Windansea Beach Family Photos | Catherine + Danny

As a La Jolla Family Photographer, I love shooting at the beach! There are so many beautiful beaches in La Jolla. The low tide exposes you to even more of its beauty and hidden reefs. It really is a jewel! There are different and multiple breaks along the coast. My favorite beach growing up and still is, is Windansea Beach. Beautiful clear waters and soft sand. I like to photograph just north of it at Little Point. There tends to be less people, especially in the fall winter after the tourists have left. In these La Jolla Windansea Beach Family Photos | Catherine + Danny brought their three beautiful children for another family session. We have been shooting at this location since the beginning!

The sunlight was extra special that evening! The magic really came out during magic hour! The camera just loved them! What I like to do with family portraits, especially when there are a lot of kids, is to knock out the posed photos first. This is usually when the kids will give you most of their attention so you must seize it. Then, when they start to get fidgety and restless you can use that to your advantage and have them walk and roam with their parents. This is the time when you capture the candid shots.

When photographing at the beach, make sure everyone is comfortable with taking their shoes off. Also getting their feet wet. Waves will come up and you want to make sure they don’t get scared, especially the kids. If they are wearing pants, you may want to suggest they cuff up their pants. This helps avoid them getting their pants wet. If it’s during the colder season, make sure they are bundled or have sweaters nearby.


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