La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal | Jason + Michelle

September 1, 2021

La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal | Jason + Michelle

As a San Diego engagement proposal photographer, I still get excited nervous minutes before shooting a surprise proposal. You do your best to set up the location for your client and hope that no one walks into the area you have secured. You know that the fiancee to be cannot see you but you still think they can. So many scenarios run through your mind minutes before. All part of the fun! In this La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal | Jason + Michelle just radiated throughout their entire session! Michelle was in shock for about a minute after Jason asked her. Favorable for me as I could make sure to capture the proposal in all different angles.

Many San Diego engagement proposals happen with out of towners. Who wouldn’t want to propose at one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches! This is where FaceTime comes in handy! I always have a video call with my out of town clients so they can see the location I have helped them to decide on. This helps to ease and calm their nerves. I walk them through the entire process as if they were there in person.

It worked out that the day Jason wanted to propose it was semi low tide during sunset. I have been getting into the habit, for beach shoots, to always check the tides. If clients are flexible, I try to suggest an evening when low tide coincides with sunset. For the majority of the local beaches, you get exposed to the most beautiful tide pools and cliffs. It is definitely worth the wait!

It helped that it was a weekday for this proposal. There were definitely less people, but I also suggested this location that is a little more secluded and more of a locals spot. When you are on the phone with your clients, it’s important to ask them what they envision for their proposal. I like to offer two to three options on a type of location they are looking for. They whatever makes for a smooth evening is the winner. This is dependent on that their evening plans are and what part of town they are staying in.



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