La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Joyce + Jeff

July 7, 2022

As a La Jolla Maternity photographer, I love capturing the excitement of parents to be! I have had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple in the past. So I was super excited when they reached out to me to capture their maternity photos! They came to visit from Arizona and definitely wanted a beach session! This was right in the middle of May gray, but by sheer luck, we were able to get a little bit of sunshine during the session! In this La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Joyce + Jeff were so happy to capture their growing twins!

I was just in awe of how stunning Joyce looked!! Pregnancy really looks amazing on her! Double time, since she is carrying twins!!! I love how she went with a casual outfit an a statement outfit. I can’t stress enough how beautiful any shade of red looks at the beach. It really pops! She got this dress from AMAZON. White is a popular color for maternity sessions, but I gotta say, the red shades just take over! In the best way!

I can’t stress enough, as a San Diego maternity photographer, I love shooting at the beach during low tide! It’s simply breathtaking! A whole underwater world exposed to us. There is so much texture and backdrop variety to choose from! It totally enhances your session. It adds curiosity and elements of unknown to your San Diego maternity session. Plus, from a safety perspective, you don’t have to worry about the waves crashing onto your client!

You may be wondering, how did the train fly in the air. Well, there were really two reasons. First, there was some wind. So naturally the wind would pick up the train. That’s when wind is on your side. Secondly, I had a helper. Between her husband and Joyce’s sister, we had some helpful hands to help sway up the train. A tip- Try to avoid getting the train wet as much as possible if you are trying to fly the train. The water will keep it down and will make it a little challenging. It’s not completely over though. Even if it’s wet on the ends, the wind can still pick it up and actually help to work as an anchor. So basically, if it’s going to get wet, just the ends.



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