Scripps Beach Couples Photo Session | Bridgette + Carl

July 22, 2021

Scripps Beach Couples Photo Session | Bridgette + Carl

As a San Diego couples photographer, it’s fun when you get out of town clients. I am seeing more and more, vacationers booking a couples session to commemorate their trip! Such a fun idea! You can’t have someone follow your every move, but you can certainly make a memorable session out of your trip! In this Scripps Beach Couples Photo Session | Bridgette + Carl were a blast to photograph! They were down to get in the water and splish- splash around for some epic shots!

Clients ask me a lot for advice on what to wear for their photo shoot. Most importantly I say, whatever makes you feel most comfortable. If they are wearing something that doesn’t feel like them, you will see it all over their face. If it feels like second skin then their personality will shine through! As far as color palettes go, I tell them to pick three and to stay in that range.

I had checked the tide to make sure we could access the north side of the beach. High tide had peaked two hours before our shoot start time, but it wasn’t getting to the low point I needed to cross over. I kept shooting all around, buying time, but the sun was beating me. In my session from the day before, I was able to. I thought I could do the same cause the difference in tide was 20 min, but it didn’t. It all worked out though, and they even got knee deep in the water!

Summertime shooting is great for getting your clients in the water! I LOVE shooting people in the water!! Personally I love the ocean, I am like a fish! So I get passionate about getting people in the water! It makes look like out of a movie. Encourage your clients to get in the water, but don’t pressure them 😉



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