La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | Imani

September 13, 2021

La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | Imani

As a San Diego family photographer, it is such a treat when your maternity clients, become your family clients. To witness and capture how a family grows is such a privilege. In this La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | Imani wanted to recreate her maternity session with both her kids. We even tried to recreate the same pose she had when she was pregnant with not the baby. The tide was starting to come up at Scripps Beach. I decided the best way was to start furthest away and work our way back.

I like shooting at Scripps beach when photographing babies or young kids. It’s an easy beach to access. There is no worry about any accidents as there is a lot of sand. Of course always keep your eye when photographing little ones, but it’s more at ease at Scripps. When shooting at scripps do take into account that there is some walking involved. Make sure to buffer your time to accommodate for that.

It’s a good idea to let your clients know that they can change outfits throughout the session. The more outfits they want the more time will be needed in the session. Easy changes are encouraged. Or your clients can change in the car. I have thought about pop up tents, but haven’t needed to get one yet. Here is one from Amazon. I like to carry light when shooting, so if your clients are ok to change in the car or in a hidden spot it’s easier.

I like shooting a lot with my tighter lens when there are a lot of people out. It helps to get a tight shot and avoid getting people in the background. Helps a lot with editing! Sumer can have a lot of people at the beach, but if you are clever with finding the spot it can work out.



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