La Jolla Headshots | Maya + Paul

March 26, 2021

La Jolla Headshots | Maya + Paul

Spring is here in San Diego and that always means a fresh start. Getting new headshots done is always a great way to start the year and spring season. As a La Jolla headshot photographer, I like to take these photos outdoors, with natural light. I like to to ask my clients what kind of backdrop they prefer, such as grade, trees, ocean, etc. In these La Jolla Headshots | Maya + Paul wanted a backdrop with greenery! We went with a nearby park called Calumet Park. Not just for the park vibes, but also for the beautiful nearby homes that lend themselves to beautiful backdrops.

It is always good to ask your headshot clients what line of work they are in to get an idea on appropriate backdrops. Maya is an elementary school teacher so I knew the park would be perfect. I even suggested she bring books and anything else that makes sense to have as props as a teacher. This way it helps to create the story of her being a teacher.

Paul, on the other hand, is in consulting. So I made sure to not get AS many greenery backdrops and more clean backdrops or architectural backdrops. I consciously wanted to keep it a little more “serious” since his line of work was a little more “serious”. There were so many houses to choose from with amazing garages, walls and gates!

Another thing you can suggest to your clients is to have multiple outfit options. This way it seems like they have a variety of looks and photos. I can be as easy as changing jackets, shirts. You can take it another step forward and change pants and shoes too. But if it’s a quick session then just changing their tops is easy.

A few tips is to have your clients steam or iron their clothes before the shoot. Drink lots of water. Also I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a lint roll remover!!! This will save you so much time in editing afterwards! I always carry a portable one in my fanny pack!



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