La Jolla Cove Family Photos | A + K

December 6, 2022

La Jolla Cove Family Photos | A + K

As a La Jolla family photographer, I love sharing the beautiful locations that La Jolla has to offer with clients. Whether it’s the beautiful blue coastline, or the green lush parks. No matter what time of the year it is, the sun is always shining down. In these La Jolla Cove Family Photos | A + K brought their two adorable children and their grandmother. La Jolla Cove is so nostalgic for me. I have so many memories walking along the park there as a kid. I love coming back now as an adult and reliving it through the photo sessions.

When photographing families, you want to make sure you do a variety of combinations. It’s a great idea to ask your clients if there are any specific combinations they want. You wouldn’t want to photograph a complete session and later realize you didn’t get a combination that was desired by the clients. Before I finish the session, I like to ask the clients if there is anything else they would like before we finish. Sometimes a combination occurs in the moment that they didn’t know they wanted.

It’s nice to have a variety of backdrops for your clients too. That is why I like choosing locations that are pretty diverse. More importantly that the different backdrops are within close range too. You don’t want to spend the entire session walking around. Keep in mind the type of locations you want to take them and the ages of the kids too. You want to make sure they are kid friendly. If there is another adult present, like a grandparent, then they can watch the kids. This helps for when you want to do the couples portion in a location that is not kid friendly.


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