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April 7, 2020

La Jolla Cuvier Park Headshots| Wax Me Boutique + eXp Realty

Headshots are an important part of your business, especially if your business has a website. More times than not, your clients, or potential clients, will be drawn to your about page and to your team page. We are curious humans, and so people want to connect with you and learn more about you. As a San Diego headshot photographer, it’s important to capture the personality of my headshot client during the session. I want to make sure they feel comfortable and confident.

It is completely common and normal for creative headshot clients to be nervous or intimidated in front of the camera. That is why I cannot stress enough the importance of building your rapport with your client so they feel comfortable with you and trust you to bring out their personalities in the photos. There is always a little warm time during the beginning of the session. As the headshot session continues, the client will warm up to you and feel more comfortable.

I am always having a conversation with my lifestyle photography during their headshot sessions. This is in an effort to have them forget I am pointing a large canon camera at their face. Which lens to use for headshots? I love using my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM Lens, it’s a dream and makes everyone look amazing! I always bring my Canon EF 35mm prime lens too, in case I need some head to toe shots. I do these a lot when I am shooting coaches / yoga instructors.

In this photo session, La Jolla Cuvier Park Headshots| Wax Me Boutique + eXp Realty I shot for an hour. I usually offer 2 packages. One for 30 minutes and another for an hour. It depends on how many employees are in the business and or how many outfits they would like to wear. If you are getting your hair and make up done, might as well take advantage and have some extra content on hand for the future. You can always rotate your headshots and have content for your social media, like instagram.



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