La Jolla Cove Family Photos | S + S

April 7, 2023

La Jolla Cove Family Photos | S + S

As a La Jolla family photographer, I love when the photo session include extended family. When families get together, it’s a great time to capture the moment and have family portraits taken. Not all families can get together often enough, so these are special moments that should be memorialized. In these La Jolla Cove Family Photos | S + S were celebrating grandparents wedding anniversary! Getting everyone together for the special celebration, they thought it was the perfect opportunity for them to have family portraits. They had not had photos taken since the boys were babies!

When you are photographing large families, make sure you discuss with your client beforehand regarding any must have combinations. It can get hectic with a lot of people around. The better prepared you are with knowing the must have shots, then you can make sure you lock those in. Once you have those, then you know you are free to do fun, candid shots. The list of the different family combinations is not set in stone. You can definitely have new combinations the day of the session, but it at least give you a starting point.

When you do go through the list, you might want to assign two spots for the group shots. I always like to knock out the list photos first and then move around and shoot candids. Then when I head to another spot, I like to redo them again. People will feel more relaxed in the second set, because they are in the “zone” more. So kind of do a second round, the individual shots, the couple shots. Feel free to suggest other combinations. Sometimes your client may pass, but I would insist one more time. Let them know they are here, now is the time. You have to carpe diem!



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