La Jolla Cove Engagement Proposal Photos | A + R

April 9, 2023

La Jolla Cove Engagement Proposal Photos | A + R

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I love the excitement a proposal brings! Yes, it can be a little nerve wracking making sure you don’t stand out as the photographer. Furthermore, making sure no one is in the way of the proposal area. When that moment comes though, and you see one of them step down to one knee you get a jolt of excitement! Seeing the other person’s reaction is pure joy! What makes for a smooth proposal is great preparation. In this La Jolla Cove Engagement Proposal Photos | A + R enjoyed this special moment with a beautiful blue sea backdrop! This is why they call La Jolla “the jewel”.

Always have a phone call with your client that is going to propose. It is important to go over all the steps and suggestions for a smooth proposal. Always ask them what they envision for their proposal so you can help them execute it. Some may be totally open to suggestions. Make sure everyone is on the same page. If they are local, you can meet with them in person at the location. Or if they are from out of town, then you can make a video for them or FaceTime with them at the location.

When the location has some rough terrain or unevenness, make sure to let your client know. This way they can make sure they remove any necessary shoes! Safety always comes first! You can always add heels later on in the session. For the big moment though, shoes off when walking on cliffs! Ask your client if his or her partner is comfortable with any uneven terrain or cliff areas. You want to wow them but now scare them! You can always opt for a sandy proposal or at a park too!



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