La Jolla Black’s Beach Proposal Photos | S + A

October 29, 2022

La Jolla Black’s Beach Proposal Photos | S + A

As a La Jolla proposal photographer, I love helping my clients create their perfect Will You Marry Me experience! Whether they are local or from out of town, many steps are taken before the actual question is popped. First and foremost, location is important. Once that is locked in then the other details can be explored and prepped. In these La Jolla Black’s Beach Proposal Photos | S + A wanted to completely surprise his girlfriend! So much so, that his girlfriend was told that her friend was being proposed to and they needed her to help her be distracted. Little did she know, it was all for her!

Surrounded by their closest friends and some of their family members, she could not believe it was for her! Though she mentioned she kind of thought but then didn’t . Excited she was and so was everyone else! Usually I photograph proposals with just the couple, this was the first time I had a whole group witnessing the proposal. Always ask for a photo for reference so you know what the couple looks like, especially in a group setting!

It was a little tricky, because the letters were on a slant. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but when you have the ocean as your horizon line, it makes if very obvious! Nothing like good old photoshop to fix some of it. I would straighten the letters and then add some ocean to the backdrop. This helped in making it look like the horizon line was crooked. If you make the entire backdrop ocean, then it just looks like continuation of ocean.

It was early in the afternoon when the proposal occurred. When working with harsh light, learn to pose your clients to create shade for themselves. It helps when it is the afternoon and the sun is behind them though!



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