La Jolla Beach Family Photos | Stacy + Mike

December 14, 2022

La Jolla Beach Family Photos | Stacy + Mike

As a La Jolla family photographer, I love getting to photograph at the beach! More specifically, the different conditions you can find the beach at. The tides affect how much of the beach is exposed to you. Beaches that have reefs, loose it’s sandy beach during a high tide. That is why whenever a client requests a beach session, I always like to check the tide. The ideal situation, for me personally, is to book the session at sunset during low tide. In these La Jolla Beach Family Photos | Stacy + Mike requested a morning shoot. Unfortunately, it was high tide at that time. Always up for a challenge, we still moved forward.

We had two locations for this La Jolla family shoot. We shot at their home and then went to the beach. Since we were photographing with their dogs, they wanted to start at the home. Normally I would have suggested we start with the beach first. Since that is where the light is most exposed, it’s important to start there when the light is lower in the morning. If another location has shade to offer, then you can leave it for the latter location. As the day goes on, the light gets stronger and brighter.

Family photo shoots at the house are super fun. It’s a great way to remember your home. You can showcase your favorite areas. People usually feel comfortable with in home shoots since they are in their comfort zone. It’s also helpful when pets are involved. Sometimes pets can get too excited if they are taken to a location like the beach or park. They might run off, play with other dogs or get wet. This way they can be more focused on getting their good side photographed!


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