Scripps Beach Family Photos | Kim + Bryan

August 10, 2018

Scripps Beach Family Photos | Kim + Bryan

The beach is always a fun place. So what better location to do family photos: Scripps Beach, La Jolla, CA! I was referred to this family by a past client. I love referrals, it assures me that my clients love my work and are happy to spread that love to their friends and family! We had to work around the baby’s nap schedule, so it wasn’t the best lighting, but we made it work. because how could you not work around his schedule 🙂

FAMILY photos: Scripps Beach, La Jolla, CA

This was the family’s first child. They had moved here from the east coast a couple years back. San Diego is now their home and what better way to showcase that than a San Diego family beach photoshoot!

It’s fun watching a baby’s reaction to A. Your Camera and B. Putting it’s feet in the water. They can be laser focused on your camera and hold a pose for you like it’s nobody’s business! Or they can start crying. It makes for a good laugh and a great workout!

When doing family photoshoots where babies or toddlers are involved, it’s important to stay calm, stay happy and have lots of energy and patience! Sometimes you just have to patiently wait for the smile that you know is coming. You might have to hop and down and bop your head around, do whatever it takes to get that baby to laugh, but I can assure you it will happen!

I think it’s great that families want to at least do a family shoot once a year. I am a sucker for nostalgia and I love going through old family albums. Would have loved knowing that every year we at least had one family photo so we can see how we grow with time. They grow up quick!

FAMILY photos: Scripps Beach, La Jolla, CA

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