San Diego Newborn Photos | Eli

May 6, 2019

San Diego Newborn Photos | Eli

Newborn photos are such a special session, because there are so many emotions going on. You get to see first time parents just in awe of what they have created, or siblings meeting for the first time. It really is a privilege to be able to capture that. When I get asked to do San Diego newborn photos, I am always transparent and inform clients that I like to shoot newborns raw and natural. I don’t feel comfortable putting them in those poses. These newborn photos: San Diego home, I took of one of my dearest childhood friends!

This was my first day visiting little Eli, he was just days old, maybe one week. His mom looked as fresh as a cucumber! I even questioned whether she had given birth! She was up and about like it was any other day! She said the doctors wanted to study her lol!

Seeing my childhood friend, now, with a child of her own, was so beautiful!! We hadn’t planned on doing a shoot, but like every good photographer, I brought my cameras just in case. What started with let me take just a few snaps, turned in a mini newborn photo session.

My friend has always been calm, cool and collected and becoming a mother didn’t change that. She handles her baby so naturally and never got nervous or anxious about whether she was doing anything wrong or right. No wonder she looks so good!

The following week was little Eli’s Brit milah. So I was able to capture more moments with Eli, but this time with the whole entire family! I felt bad that I did this mini newborn photoshoot without her husband, so I made sure to get some photos of him with Eli at the celebration!

Oh yes, take that image above in. LAUGHING newborn!!! This was his favorite shot of course! He said he wanted it framed for his office ASAP! Then of course I took some newborn photos with both mom and dad together 🙂 What a beautiful family!! So happy for them and cannot wait to watch Eli grow!

I can’t forget to mention how cute my friend’s nephew is! So adorable!

And just a couple more 🙂


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