La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Tamarra + Katrina

September 28, 2022

La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Tamarra + Katrina

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I love feeling the excitement of the engaged couple. These La Jolla couple portraits are fun because it’s less stressful than photographing the couple on their wedding day. You are not rushed to go from one wedding activity to the next. An engagement session is a great way to prepare for your wedding day photos! In these La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Tamarra + Katrina added heat to the heat wave with their love!

Wondering how you should prepare for your engagement photo session? One important element is the wardrobe! It’s always a good idea to think ahead on what you and your partner are going to wear. The last thing you want is to stress because you haven’t figured out your outfits. Feel free to send your outfit ideas to your photographer. They can give you great feedback on whether the outfits contrast well with the backdrop and flow among the two of you. I am always a fan of long flowy dresses because it works as a prop.

Another tip is to be well manicured and moisturized. As this is a La Jolla engagement photo session, the engagement ring will always be in focus. You can definitely bet on having close up shots of your hands and the engagement ring. You want to make sure both sets of hands are ready for their close up! Especially in the winter time, when skin gets dry. In the summertime, make sure you don’t get a watch tan if you don’t want your watch in the photos. If you think ahead of time, then you can make sure to tan your wrist.

First time in front of the camera? Well, professionally speaking? Don’t worry! Your photographer will guide you throughout your session. They will find your best angles and epic backdrops! If you want to prepare a little, you can search on Pinterest. There you will find tons of photos of couples posing. Don’t get too tied to the photos, feel free during your session to create your own poses!



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